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Somnilopod: Sleep Health Education

May 15, 2022

How often have you proclaimed you were sleepy only to lay down and find you were unable to fall asleep? Were you actually sleepy or were you experiencing fatigue instead? On today’s episode, we’ll talk about ways to tell the two apart and reason why it’s an important distinction.

May 1, 2022

Have you ever lain awake at night pondering the big questions of the universe? Why are we here? Is there a higher power? How do I know if my sleep is considered “quality” or not? On today’s episode, we’ll take a look at one of those questions so we can check it off our list of late night ruminations.

Apr 24, 2022

Exercise has long been proven to be beneficial to sleep. But did you know that different types of exercise can have a better effect than others? We’ll be looking at some recent research into this on todays episode.

Apr 17, 2022

Insomnia can often rear its ugly head during times of stress and crazy life events (can you say PANDEMIC?). As a result, we often reach for a quick method to help overcome it in the form of a sleep aid. But is using a sleep aid really the best solution? We’ll be taking a look at this on today’s episode.

Apr 10, 2022

Is your bedside lamp, or nightlight helping or hurting your sleep? On this week’s episode, we look at a recent study that will shed some LIGHT on the subject.

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